Be Brave.

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If we should ever grow brave, what on earth would become of us?

Joy Davidman Lewis


A couple of years ago, as I was contemplating the ministry of Ruby Buckle and the “new” direction that it would be taking, I created an acronym to describe some of Ruby’s attributes – the heartbeat of our mission. The new thing added to the mission that I set out on a decade ago is a small gift written by my beloved pen pal, Roy Lessin. The treasure, the jewel of it all, the TRULY LOVED booklet, goes out in every single envelope or gift bag with Ruby’s beautiful brand attached.

Our singular focus is to take the gospel in its fullness and simplicity, contained in the TRULY LOVED booklet, out into the world in beautiful packages with love and sweetness enclosed. The packages exude the love of the women who join our mission and who want to reach into the lives of women they know and care about.

Here are some of Ruby’s attributes:

R is for Romantic. Relating to love, especially in a sentimental or idealized way.

U is for Unique. Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

B is for Brave. Showing courage. Fine or splendid in appearance.

Y is for Yielding. Complying with the requests or desires of others: OF GOD!

B is for Bold. Able to take risks. Beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action.

U is for Understanding. Superior power of discernment; enlightened intelligence. Come Holy Spirit!

C is for Confident. Hopeful, certain and optimistic about the future.

K is for Knowledgeable. Intelligent and well informed. Understanding the times in which we live.

L is for Loyal. Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.

E is for Encouraging. Giving someone support or confidence and HOPE for future success!

Over the course of the past decade of conceiving, creating and nurturing Ruby Buckle, a moment came when a financial need in my household forced me to put the ministry on the back burner while I headed back to work full-time for 2 1/2 years. It was during those years that the words spoken by my friend Mary all those years ago really resonated. Was this detour, slowdown, stalemate in Ruby’s advancement going to cause it to be “taken away from me”? ...Those fearful thoughts, wrong thoughts that needed to be quickly put aside!

What a blessing it is to be continuing on with the vision and ministry in a way that is better than anything I’d dreamed or planned. What a joy and delight to partner with others who share the same love and passion, who dare to be brave and dream big.

Joy Lewis’ quote at the top of this digital missive was shared with our team at the start of the new year as we were laying down our plans and seeking God to reveal His. Amy brought it and shared it. She had selected it as part of her personal mission for 2020 and it was unanimous, we all want to grow braver still!

It was in early December that we verbally agreed to partner together to take the next steps with Ruby Buckle. Both of these beloved friends headed out for holiday travels with their families while I stayed here in Minnesota to hold the ministry headquarters down while they were away. They were both off on sweet adventures to warmer places. There was a moment or two when I wondered if someone else would come along with some other invitation for one or both of them that would prevent them from staying the course ... wrong thoughts, fearful thoughts. I couldn’t afford to “lose” either one of them at this point.

Each of them sent me a message letting me know that they had made it safely home when they arrived, and they were super excited about starting our adventure together on January 7th. Because of my love for fine paper and beautiful things, I created a certificate with a gold seal at the top with these wonderful words by A.B. Simpson below it:

God help us to understand our times and to understand our God, and to be worthy of our high calling as workers together with Him!

We signed with golden metallic ink ... a copy for each of us. A treasure.

Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Ephesians 6:17

AND BE BRAVE ... do it with friends, because it triples the joy in the victory!

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