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Do you long to hear Jesus’ voice say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant?” I do! I want to make a difference for Christ in this world. I want my life and legacy to count for something with eternal significance. I want to stand before God and know I fulfilled His purpose for my life. So my goal is to keep becoming a good and faithful servant.

I know that Jesus commands us to go into all the world and preach the gospel, making disciples of all nations. Making disciples is not a quick task. It is a progressive act. To become a faithful servant, I would need spiritual mentors along the way to teach me scripture. One such godly woman who invested in my spiritual growth was Marge.

I met Marge at church after rededicating my life to the Lord. God knew I needed more than a Sunday sermon, and so He placed Marge in my path. I had tons of questions about the Bible and faith in Christ, and she was willing to disciple me. Marge was like Jesus with skin on! She taught me about unconditional love, acceptance, investing time, teaching God’s Word, and sharing resources.

Marge was the essence of unconditional love. She demonstrated patience when I bombarded her with numerous questions. I remember seeking her out after church or at the bookstore where she worked to ask her about so many things. Lovingly, she mentored me by spending time with me and answering those questions about God and His Word. My desire for knowledge ran deep – any normal human being would have been worn out by my persistence. Not Marge. She had the patience and love of a saint.

Marge gave freely of her time. She taught me using illustrations to help me remember and understand scripture. What do I mean when I say she used illustrations? Just like Jesus, she used relatable stories! Here is one of the examples she shared with me at a point in my life when I was feeling immense guilt for my waywardness. I could not let go of the guilt I felt, even though I had confessed my sin. Marge gifted me with this freeing illustration:

Veronica, picture yourself standing at the ocean’s edge. Jesus has thrown your sin into this deep ocean, and it is buried at the bottom. He does not remember your sins anymore. But, you are there at the edge of that ocean with a fishing pole and are attempting to reel those sins back in and remember them. Let them go – you are truly forgiven!

That illustration represents LOVE from both Jesus and Marge! The love of Jesus forgiving me for my sins, and the love of Marge for caring enough to take the time to teach me the truth about God’s Word. I am so thankful for all the time she so willingly sacrificed to spend with me.

Marge was so accepting. She never demonstrated the slightest form of judgment or condemnation toward anyone. Her example of acceptance demonstrated to me the need to likewise show acceptance toward others in Jesus’ name.

As part of accepting others, Marge shared her home with me and other young adults so we could hang out and discuss the Bible. My cousin chose to believe in Jesus because of Marge's willingness to open her house to let us hang out and share about him.

I am unbelievably grateful for this godly woman who came into my life. Marge inspired me to become a godly mentor of Christ to others, giving them unconditional love and acceptance, investing time, teaching God’s word, and sharing resources. I want to plant seeds of spiritual maturity in other believers' lives to help them on their journey for Christ while continuing in my own growth. I want to make disciples for Jesus ... He asks me to do this as part of my progressive walk with Him. I am spurred on to win the race and hear Jesus say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” There really isn’t a more meaningful way to spend your life! I hope my story encourages you to reach out to someone and make a precious investment of time into their life.


Veronica Anderson


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