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Things are temporary, relationships last forever. Nothing can replace the time we spend investing in the life of another.

Roy Lessin


Little did I know when I sealed up a beautiful oversized ruby red envelope complete with expensive overnight postage attached and sent it off to Arkansas with a hope and a prayer what blessings would come back to me through it. The parcel was postmarked in April nine years ago.

I was in search of a ministry partner when I compiled the letter printed on fine paper that was tucked inside of that great big envelope with card samples bound together with velvet ribbon  and crowned with a beautiful wax seal to make it exquisite. Its recipient was Roy Lessin, co-founder of DaySpring Cards. It was landing in a sea of beauty and I wanted it to get noticed!

Within a few days of sending it off, an email arrived from Roy acknowledging receipt of the parcel and speaking beautiful words of encouragement that made me cry when I read them. If he liked my idea, the possibilities were great!

The quote above makes me teary-eyed as I think about Roy. I suppose that the very first investment into my life was made when he opened the envelope and read my rather long letter. The opening sentence of the very first email he sent me filled my heart with hope. This very morning, an email arrived bringing not only words of encouragement, but a song too!

I’ve done a bit of writing since launching Ruby Buckle two years ago. Some of the texts for blog posts were written almost effortlessly. All glory to God! This post however, has been written and re-written in my head and heart a dozen times but not committed to paper yet.

There is now a line-up of stories that have been prepared for some months in preparation to launch Ruby Buckle’s “Investor Stories”. Beautiful stories that pay tribute to the people who have been instrumental in our lives … Ruby’s friends who have come to faith in Christ and/or stayed the course on the journey because of the investment that others have made into their lives.

Some call them angels or messengers of God … others call them heroes. Whatever we call them, our hearts are filled with gratitude that they loved us enough to care. That they made an investment into our lives that changed everything for us!

As the founder, my story leads the pack. Everyone at Ruby Buckle’s Ministry Headquarters loves Roy and his precious wife Char! There is not a moments doubt in my mind, that without their constant love and encouragement over the past nine years, this ministry probably wouldn’t even exist. There were long and hard stretches for sure.

They always believed in it. In me.

From my very first visit to their home, I felt their love. As the days, months and years passed, I felt their prayers. My heart of love towards them makes me feel like this is what it must feel like to be adopted.

They were in their later teen years when I was born, so they are the sweetest mix of young parents and older siblings to me. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM. I can’t even imagine my life without them. My heart is often homesick to see them again.

The word counter at the bottom of my document is reminding me that I don’t have many words left to keep this story inside of the guidelines that have been established for all who are writing these stories. I’m also keenly aware that I’ve barely started with everything I’d like to say to pay tribute to these absolutely marvelous saints of God.

After waking up from surgery, post-brain aneurysm, I had two dreams. One, to establish this ministry and two, to attend and graduate from Bible College.

With Roy stepping into my life as a constant mentor and teacher throughout the years, both dreams have been fulfilled. Very quickly in our relationship, I began calling him “Professor Roy”. He was always pushing me on in my studies, into the deep things of God. At times he even supplied the textbooks!

Roy is Ruby Buckle’s Honorary CEO — Chief ENCOURAGEMENT Officer. A very special friend and artist has been commissioned to paint his portrait to be displayed at our home office. Thank you for investing in my life and saving me many dollars in tuition at a private school. Oh love!

I’ll be forever grateful!

Colleen M. Woods


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