Meet Veronica — Love.

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Our prayers run along one road and God's answers by another, and by and by they meet.

Adoniram Judson


Veronica is a Ruby Buckle enthusiast who passionately loves her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She finds it thrilling to be part of Ruby’s team, and sharing the gospel with others brings joy to her heart.

She is a Midwestern girl with Minnesota roots. She lays claim to SURVIVING many days of frigid temperatures and swirling snow. Luckily, her family lives in warm and sunny Kentucky, so visiting whenever she can is a must!

Veronica doesn’t recall exactly how old she was when she accepted Jesus as her Savior. She started talking to people about Him when she was a little girl. She remembers thinking that everyone should know Him!

One summer, she invited all of her friends to join her at Bible School. She ended up winning a sporty watch because she had the most schoolmates in attendance. (Yay, Veronica!) That was the starting point of two loves in her life: gospel sharing and watches of all kinds!

Life got busy for Veronica as a junior high student involved in sports. She became disinterested in attending church and following God. Life offered so many other interesting things to do. Oh, a regretful decision!

She’d been living a joyless life since making the decision to turn away from God. That season lasted until she completed her college education. Veronica looked back to the days of childhood when she had true joy and happiness, and she longed to return to that life!

Veronica rededicated her life to Christ, asking Him to forgive her for her sins. She invited Him to rule and reign as LORD over her life. And she has not looked back since.

One summer, Veronica became involved in a ministry in Horol, Ukraine. Her church partnered with a Bible-believing church to reach the town with the gospel. It was such a great experience that she ended up traveling back there for three summers following.

As Veronica was sharing scriptures with the Ukrainian interpreters during a women’s event, she had an unforgettable gospel-sharing experience! The women had so many questions. They were inquisitive about what the Bible teaches and why they should believe it. They sat for hours on end as she showed them God’s love and forgiveness recorded throughout the Scriptures. Her gospel-sharing heart loved every minute of it!

This love for sharing the gospel remains with her still. It brings her great joy when she has the opportunity to share it, even though she feels at times that she is not always good at it. Starting up conversations about the gospel can be difficult and scary. That is why she loves Ruby Buckle! Ruby’s beautiful tools are a simple way for women to share the love of Christ with others. She is personally challenged to share the gospel, and Ruby Buckle is her choice for doing so. She hopes you will join Ruby and her team in the sweet adventure and let your light shine!

Veronica resides in St. Cloud, Minnesota. After 34 years of teaching, she is looking forward to a slower pace with her husband Mark and her adorable dogs. (And also a “field trip” or two with Ruby and her friends. Oh love!)

Veronica’s most adored shoes from her childhood were a beautiful and timeless pair made of white patent leather. They went with almost every dress! Her track spikes, however, hold the softest spot in her heart — they call up many sweet memories of the wind in her hair and feeling her heart beat inside her chest as she ran with her eyes on the finish line.

Number one on Veronica’s bucket list is the hope that one day she will have the opportunity to take a class on gospel sharing with Ray Comfort.

Three of Veronica’s favorites:

Bible Verse: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Hobby: Exploring Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tours with her husband Mark

Food: Mexican Fajita Bowls

I’m grateful to have a friend like Veronica on Ruby’s team. We’ve been sharing life and faith on Wednesday nights for over two years now. While she, Amy and I were away on meetings recently, I learned that Amy’s husband Bill tried to “recruit” Mark and Veronica for their life group at our home church. I’m so glad that I beat Bill to it, because otherwise I just might have missed finding out that Veronica was supposed to be on Ruby’s front-line team in the end.

I always love hearing Veronica pray. Her heart of compassion for people who are hurting often seems to press out a few of those beautiful tears — the kind of tears that come from God. She really is a shining example of letting her light shine for Christ. (And I can’t wait to learn more about her favorite Fajita Bowls, either.)

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