Rest Secure.

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True faith rests upon the character of God and asks no further proof than the moral perfections of the One who cannot lie. It is enough that God has said it.

A.W. Tozer


Finding security in the things of this world is becoming more and more elusive with each passing day. The headwinds of resistance have been great this past year—soon quickly passing and visible only through a rearview mirror. Even when we’ve walked with God for a very long time, we can still fall into the snare of looking at things through eyes not illuminated by faith.

Most of the saints I have opportunity to talk with during my days have attested to being stretched and challenged in their faith during 2020. I met with my own crisis of faith this past summer. It happened on a sunny Sunday evening in July and revealed itself to me at the close of an hourlong conversation with my mentor, Roy.

Within the first few minutes of our talk, he shared these words from William Jay: We cannot go on well until God has gained our full confidence. It so struck me that I interrupted him and asked him to repeat it. I wanted to write it down and contemplate it later. He told me that he’d found it in Morning Exercises for the Closet, originally published in 1828. 

Many of these wonderful old works can be found online for perusing. I checked for it as soon our conversation ended and was delighted when I found it and could read that single sentence surrounded by its supporting text — the July 1 entry of the 365 days. I fell in love with it almost immediately and began searching for a paper copy to have of my own. William Jay’s writings continued to both challenge and encourage me throughout the remaining days of 2020.

I’m grateful every single day that God brought Roy Lessin into my life almost a decade ago. Roy is one of the cherished “Jesus with skin on” people in my life. God has used his life to bless the lives of many people. I am so thankful to be counted among them! The powerful story of his life is recorded in his memoirs released in 2020: Like Those Who Dream: How a Jewish Boy from the Bronx Reached the World with Hope.

Because stories are powerful, here at Ruby Buckle we are going to begin sharing accounts of how God has used people in our lives to help us come to faith in Him. We’ll stay the course by growing deeper in our love and knowledge of Him, via the divine intervention of others. As the founder of Ruby Buckle, you’ll hear my story about Roy first. It was suggested that I ask someone to share a story about me, and then Ruby Buckle’s co-founders’ (Amy and Veronica’s) stories will follow that. A number of our friends and ministry supporters have put pen to paper to share their stories too!

They will be posting on Mondays right here on our blog. You can quickly identify them from the other posts by their titles. Because these stories are written to pay tribute to those that have made an investment into our lives for the sake of the gospel, we are calling them “Investor Stories.” So the titles will read “Investor,” along with the first name of the person being written about. We hope it will show the gratitude, respect and admiration that we have for them. The ones that were willing to dare to reach out and share the love of God with us!

Roy has been a steady voice in my life reminding me that because of Jesus, I lack nothing. I can rest secure in Him with full CONFIDENCE that He is, in fact, working all things for good in my life—in our lives. Even our greatest sorrows.

God reminded me of that recently as I watched the most exquisite sunset in my rearview mirror on the journey home from a friend’s house. Let’s go on well together! Who needs you to invest in their life for the sake of the gospel?


The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 

Psalm 23:1 

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