Words Not Forgotten.

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 There is nothing more impotent than words which lie dormant in our brains and have no influence on our lives.

Alexander MacLaren


I’ll never forget hearing a friend of mine make this grand statement many years ago: If God gives you an idea and you don’t do something with it, He gives it to someone else. I was a passenger in her car at the time, and I did a double-take after hearing this bold proclamation, letting it really sink in.

My friend’s name is Mary. She is one of the most creative people I know. We met through an organization our sons were involved in, a talented choir group of singing boys. The choir travels at home and abroad, and every springtime there is a grand event to raise funds and showcase the talent.

For a couple of years, I served as president of the parent’s association and on the board of directors. My involvement was high in this season of life. We formed an annual steering committee to create a plan of action for the large fundraising events. After issuing a “call for creatives,” my path crossed Mary’s. Her talent for creative projects was quickly revealed. The grand ballroom needed to be decorated; together we crafted many centerpieces of various kinds to make these events sparkle. The creative spark that stirred between us eventually led to an idea we had together – to create a special item for people to bid on at our event's silent auction, “Dinner for Eight.”

These dinners typically fetched a rather large price on the auction block, not just because they were beautiful and delicious, but because the choir’s director and founder (much loved by many of us) would don his tuxedo and serve the guests. All five courses!

The times the winner and their guests shared at these dinners were delightful. The tables we set were stunning. Mary and I tapped into our own collections of dishes, stemware and lovely linens to make these evenings extra special for the one who paid the hefty price and the guests who would join them. Mary and her husband make their living hunting beautiful silver pieces and other rarities, so in addition to a centerpiece of lush greens and flowers in bloom, some of the most exquisite silver flatware ever crafted supplied the grande finale for our spectacular tablescapes.

The single sentence spoken by Mary all those years ago has danced through my head on many occasions over the years of conceiving, creating and nurturing Ruby Buckle. Her words did not lie dormant in my brain. I will confess that there was a time or two when I wondered if God would really do that ... just give the idea to someone else to execute.

But those were fearful thoughts, wrong thoughts. So I would quickly let them go, just giving it all back to Him. The idea. The timing. The hope. The dream.

All of it.

A quote by a distance runner in the 1936 Berlin Olympics – an American World War II veteran, prisoner of war and true Hero of the Faith, Louis Zamperini – says it best. It was all in His hands now – as it had always been.

A decade has passed since I first slid stacks of beautiful greeting cards into crystal clear boxes adorned with silk ribbons and gorgeous wax seals in preparation to take Ruby out into the great big world for the very first time. The destination was a large Christian women’s conference in Minneapolis. I was heading out to share my dream. My mission: to gather a sweet company of women to share the love of God and encourage others by way of handwritten cards and beautiful gift bags.

I suppose there is always a level of vulnerability we must accept when we dare share our hopes and dreams – but what if, in so doing, we inspire others to dare to dream?

I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. 

W.B. Yeats

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